Busy times!

There’s a lot of pipe moving up to Northern Alberta lately. The loads are legal width and just over-length, so they require a little less work for the pilot car driver (helping the driver out with corners, lane changes and notification of vehicles behind the load).

It’s a run that gives you a little more chance to see the sights along the way. In Jasper, near the B.C.-Alberta border, I saw a grizzly with a cub a couple of times. The second time, cars were parked on the shoulder and the people were out of their cars snapping photos of the pair less than 150 ft. away!

Lots of deer and black bears but I haven’t seen many moose in the last six months, none until my last trip. I’d just told the driver of the load that I hadn’t seen any for a while, and less than five minutes later saw a huge bull moose just off the shoulder.

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